DUIs are on the rise

Doug Kramarsic recently welcomed his third child and hasn’t spent much time in the bars lately; but judging from the La Salle attorney’s caseload, plenty of his clients have knocked a few back.Kramarsic, who also serves as an assistant La Salle County public defender, is having a busy year and he has a slate of DUI suspects to thank for keeping him off diaper duty.“While I don’t specifically follow the flow of DUI filings from year to year,” he allowed, “the DUI cases my office defends has risen significantly this year, and specifically the last three to four months.” The numbers back him up. Between 2012 and 2015, prosecutors in the Illinois Valley reported record low drunk-driving cases, fueling hopes that maybe motorists finally were getting it and not risking arrest, injury and death by taking the wheel after a few drinks.Now, those 2015 lows appear to have been a fluke. While we’re nowhere close to the all-time highs — La Salle County won’t come near the 824 arrests recorded a dec…

Sydney truck driver caught using two mobile phones

It takes a lot to surprise experienced police officers. But one Sydney driver has done just that in spectacular fashion.Let me set it up for you.Along with two cameramen, I’d been invited to follow a police operation on the M5 to catch drivers holding mobile phones. It’s a growing problem, and NSW police have made it a mission to crack down on this dangerous – and potentially deadly – behaviour.So, we met Chief Inspector Phil Brooks, of the NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol, and a fantastic team of motorcycle officers at 7am near the King Georges Rd onramp to the M5 at Beverly Hills.The operation is precise, but simple. An officer with a digital stills camera using a high-powered zoom lens sets up where he can see city-bound peak hour traffic and photograph drivers doing the wrong thing. A truck driver has been caught using not one but two mobile phones while driving on Sydney"s M5. (9News)A colleague marks down the offence and number plate and relays that to a motorcycle cop…

Is stupid the new evil?

As a species, we humans have made many a terrible/amazing thing. However, we’re fundamentally a stupid bunch, and I feel that’s what our legacy should be.Humans fascinate me.
Mostly, because we’re a lot dumber than we look.
Yes, our species has been capable of some remarkable achievements over the millennia. From the upright apes who made fire by banging rocks together, to the physicists who unleashed nuclear power by splitting the atom, our kind has been responsible for some pretty clever things.
But therein lies the problem.
We’re capable of some epic stupidity too – often involving those very same innovations.
Cave people were making fire around 400,000 years ago, but today many of their descendants struggle to understand that hot coffee is, in fact, hot – and need a warning label on their Starbucks cup.
Who woulda thunk it?
Scientists figured out how to release the unimaginable power trapped in the nucleus of the Uranium atom. Politicians promptly used it to destroy two major cities – le…

MLB turns cowardly and stupid in punishment of Jose Urena for intentionally drilling Ronald Acuna

Braves star Ronald Acuna Jr. had hit leadoff homers in three straight games. So of course Marlins starter Jose Urena drilled him in the left arm with the first pitch of the next game on Wednesday because baseball advocates cowardly and stupid actions.Meanwhile, on another broadcast, Mets analyst and former player Keith Hernandez supported hitting Acuna because, yes, baseball has always advocated cowardly and stupid actions.MLB should’ve suspended Urena for 40 games, which would’ve covered the rest of the Marlins’ schedule and next year’s opener. Or maybe 80 games, same as a steroid rip. MLB should’ve suspended Marlins manager Don Mattingly for 20 games because he’s supposed to be the adult in charge. MLB should’ve shown it was taking this seriously because severe injuries can come out of such gutlessness.Urena’s motive was obvious and dangerous. At 97 mph, it was the hardest pitch he has thrown all season. It was aimed at Acuna’s upper body from the start. It was premeditated. It was …

Should the "no swim" red flag be enforced?

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. - Could a "no swim" enforcement have saved lives on Lake Michigan this summer? It"s a question one Spring Lake woman brought up, after two people drowned in a matter of hours in Grand Haven at the beginning of June. Red flags were up at the Grand Haven State Park beach, but hundreds of people still went into the water. This is something that frustrates Carol Dykhouse because with it comes no action. "It can still be a great day without risking your life," she told 13 ON YOUR SIDE. Which is why she took to social media to pose the question: Would you support rules that if the red flag is out should there be no swimming or jumping off the pier? It was a question that sparked more than 100 comments.The consensus? "It was about half and half," Dykhouse said."A lot of people said you can"t fix stupid people. A lot of people just don"t want more rules and regulations. But I think there was enough—50 percent at least—said t…

US police dept faces backlash online after officer uses taser on 87-year-old grandmother

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: August 17, 2018 2:50:54 pm Al-Bishara was charged with criminal trespass and obstructing an officer Friday when police held her at gunpoint before bringing her to the ground with a jolt from the electrified prongs of a stun gun. (Source: AP)
The Georgia police in the US is facing backlash on social media after an officer used a taser on an 87-year-old woman. Martha Al-Bishara was using a knife to cut dandelions in the woods near her rural Georgia home last week, when she was tased and then arrested. The police personnel turned up at the site after someone called 911 and complained.
A report by the CNN said: “Chatsworth Police said Al-Bishara did not drop a steak knife despite several commands and a demonstration by officers. At one point, she walked toward officers with the knife.”
[embedded content]
The elderly woman, who doesn’t speak English, didn’t understand when she was told to put away the knife.
The Georgia police chief on Thursday said th…

Man decides to roll joint by police station and it doesn"t end well

If you’re thinking of engaging in illegal activity, it’s probably not a good idea to do it right under the nose of law enforcement.
That advice was clearly not listened to by this man in Leicester who stopped by a police station to ‘roll a joint’.
Officers were quick to apprehend the individual, and recovered drugs after a stop and search.

Probably not the best idea to park in a bus stop outside a Police Station and then roll a joint! Stop searched and drugs recovered! 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️
— LeicesterCity Police (@CentralLeicsNPA) August 16, 2018

Leicester City Police took to Twitter to share the gaffe with their followers, saying it probably ‘wasn’t the best idea’ to handle drugs outside a police station.
One Twitter user said: ‘What a nitwit.’
Another commented: ‘Surely nobody is this stupid.’
And one person questioned why it took four officers to attend the incident.

Advertisement The force simply replied that there is ‘safety in numbers’.

It’s not a good idea to…