Caught on cam: Package taken by stranger as Langley woman watches

A package was taken from a Langley, B.C. doorstep as part of a "stupid scavenger Halloween thing," not a theft, according to a note left when it was returned.
The large cardboard box was left on the porch, where it had been placed the day before by a courier.
A note taped to it read, "Okay so there you have your package returned original packaging unopened – I did not steal it – in fact it was all apart (sic) of some stupid scavenger Halloween thing."
The writer apologized, acknowledging it wasn"t theirs and shouldn"t have been taken.
"Enjoy the day. Thanks and again truly was a game not theft," the note read.
The package was left at the door in the middle of the night when the power was out, a day after Courtney Thomas – who"d been expecting the package – shared surveillance camera video of a woman running off with the box.
Thomas said she was dumbfounded by the explanation.
“Her excuse that it is a scavenger hunt – how do you come up wit…

Nats hose down "stupid" leadership talk

Senior Nationals MP Darren Chester says it would be "mind-numbingly stupid" to roll Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack before the next election.Mr Chester predicts the government will be punished at Saturday"s Wentworth by-election for dumping Malcolm Turnbull as prime minister."I don"t know why anyone would think we should change leaders once you see what"s happening in Wentworth right now," he told ABC radio on Friday."I think it would be mind-numbingly stupid for the Nationals to change leader before the election. Our party has a tradition of loyalty and trust."Former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce has made it clear he has ambitions to lead again but says he would only take the job if it was offered to him.His comments come with Mr McCormack under pressure from some Nationals who describe the deputy prime minister as "ineffective" and believe he"s unwilling to stand up to the Liberal party.Prime Minister Scott Morriso…

Clemenger Melbourne Applauds "Meet Grant": The White Man With Small Genitals

Clemenger BBDO’s ‘Meet Graham’ work for the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) took the ad world by storm, winning the Cannes Lion Grand Prix and a litany of other industry gongs.Though now it’s time to Meet Grant; the only person designed to survive a career in advertising.
[embedded content]
The work is a joint effort from Cummins & Partners, The Melbourne Advertising and Design Club (MADC), and //Thirteen&Co.
While Graham possessed a flat skull, a barrel-like chest, abrasion proof skin and air-bag-like ‘nipples’ to protect him from a car crash, Grant’s physiology is a little different.
To cope with a life in advertising, Grant boasts ears that filter out conflicting opinions, unusually thick skin to deflect scathing comments on campaign brief and an auxiliary liver to process copious amounts of alcohol.

As well as this, Grant has smaller than average genitals; giving him something to compensate for, a completely removable spine for client meetings and of course, Grant is a whit…

Mike Pompeo"s response to the Jamal Khashoggi case sums up Donald Trump"s entire approach to foreign policy

Has it come to this, then?An American Secretary of State tells the world that he doesn’t want to talk about facts. Instead, as Mike Pompeo informed reporters, when they asked him if the Saudis had confirmed whether Jamal Khashoggi was dead or alive, Pompeo replied: “I don’t want to talk about any of the facts. They didn’t want to either, in that they want to have the opportunity to complete this investigation in a thorough way.”Doesn’t inspire much hope does it? Sooner or later some Saudi goon or other is going to have to carry the can for “overdoing” it in an “interrogation” of this journalist. We already know this because Donald Trump has told us he reckons it was a “rogue” killing. Well, it depends on what you mean by “rogue”, I suppose. Most of us would reach for stronger language to describe torture followed by murder.Watch moreAs with much else in America’s foreign policy, and indeed the whole of president Trump’s political style, we pass through the veil of reality and into a s…

Turning rape jokes on their ear: Adrienne Truscott gets last laugh in her show "Asking For It"

For years, says Adrienne Truscott, male comedians have been getting mileage out of jokes about rape and sexual assault, while politicians and other public figures have made astoundingly stupid remarks about the subject (recall Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin’s 2012 comment about “legitimate rape”) or gotten away with committing abuse (see: Harvey Weinstein).And for years as well, notes Truscott, many women (and some men) have responded with anger to the idea that there’s anything funny about violence against women.But Truscott, a longtime New York performance artist who’s branched into standup comedy in recent years, decided there was a better way to tackle the issue: subverting those jokes and the cultural norms around rape by making the jokes herself, as a way of asking what about our society allows men to feel OK about joking about rape.And ever since she unveiled her one-woman show “Asking For It” in 2013, the issue has continued to resonate, Truscott notes, in ways she hadn…

Michael Moore couldn"t be more wrong about Brexit

How unfortunate that the person who once wrote a book called Stupid White Men now sounds an awful lot like a stupid white man. Yes, it’s Michael Moore, the dishevelled American filmmaker, who wasn’t in Britain for five minutes before he was making the most basic of factual errors. ‘You can’t leave Europe!’, he told the British people via an interview with Channel 4 News. Someone buy this bozo a dictionary. We aren’t leaving Europe, Michael — we’re leaving the EU.

“You can’t leave Europe. There’s no Europe without you.”
Documentary maker Michael Moore tells Britain the EU “need you, as much as you need them”, in the latest Ways to Change the World podcast.
— Channel 4 News (@Channel4News) October 17, 2018Moore is one of those leftists who has been scratching their chins for years over the failure of ordinary people to revolt against their uncaring, neoliberal overlords and yet when Brits did precisely that against Brussels they had an attack of the Victorian vap…

Halloween producer Jason Blum apologises for "stupid" female directors remark

Horror producer Jason Blum has apologised for his “dumb” remarks regarding female directors.Blum clarified his comments at the premiere of his company Blumhouse’s latest film Halloween after stating that women are “less inclined” to direct horror than men. “We’re always trying to [hire women],“ Blum told Polygon. “We’re not trying to do it because of recent events. We’ve always been trying. There are not a lot of female directors period, and even less who are inclined to do horror.”Read moreSpeaking to Variety on the red carpet, Blum said: “I totally misspoke. I made a mistake about it. Our audience is 55% women; the executives at the company we have are 50% women. I am passionate about hiring women, and I totally made a mistake in the way I represented that. We already work with a lot of women.”He continued: “Chelsea Stardust, who is my old assistant, I financed her first movie, but I would like to work with more. Today was a great day for me because I learned a lot and because there…