OK, admit it, they are smarter than we are

Now, to clarify my goofy title, “they” can be identified as the “dreaded” Democrats and, you guessed it, “we” are the great and Grand Ole Party.

In our media-driven society today, it would take a near miracle for a potential voter to comprehend all the force-fed news with which we are bombarded daily.

Democrats are much smarter than Republicans. The left-leaning progressives truly believe they are vastly superior to the old stale curmudgeons who make up the Republican Party.

Liberal thinkers instinctively discount every contrary point of view launched by their opposition.

Those evil forces who dare to question the holy grail of liberalism are satanic angels who are fostered by ignorance and prejudice.

It almost seems the more prestigious the institutions of higher learning, the more condescending they are toward that unholy lot which share a different political point of view.

Liberals manifest a complete disdain for all things conservative, especially President Donald Trump.

A great portion of the disrespect and utter hatred for our president stems from an unquestioned assumption that they are more intelligent than Trump and his minions.

From the wet-behind-the-ears high school student to the grizzled old apologists, all of them unequivocally share a condensing view of anyone who has the audacity to disagree with their views.

Sadly, for Hillary Clinton, all of her campaign staff, along with her supporters, absolutely knew she was smarter than Uncle Bernie and Donald J. Trump.

How in the world could this divinely enlightened massive montage of seemingly intelligent folks lose an election to an orange-and-yellow-colored, women-groping buffoon?

All the highly computerized polls predicted Clinton would skate into the oval office.

Early on election night, only Brit Hume of Fox News dared to go against the early reports and was rebuked and ridiculed by a number of different news outlets — but he proved to be correct.

Liberals steadfastly stood by their mantra, “A stupid man fooled a huge number of even more stupid voters.”

He created such a deep and dark abyss that no number of dastardly Democratic draconian deeds could undo the nasty knot that Clinton had tied around her neck.

When Trump tweeted about “patriotic” Americans liking NASCAR, the elites went into a tailspin followed by hard rigors.

The emotional anger at the slower and uneducated was so profound that the progressives were stupefied and could not fathom how the dumb and deplorable had won the election.

Conservatives are perceived as a little bit slow, not to well-educated and highly impressionable. We are just oblivious to all the nuances that the Liberals know and understand.

It may be difficult and somewhat irritating, but it is to the GOP’s advantage if the Liberals continue to believe they are smarter than everyone else.

DAN PATTERSON, who’s retired from the Paris Parks and Recreation Department, grew up near the state line and now lives in Paris. He can be reached by email at jdanpat@yahoo.com.


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