"The old gray mare, she ain"t what she used to be"

Remember the old ballad that went, “The old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be?” For our purposes, think of “the old gray mare” as being that sad-looking, old “donkey,” the original symbol of the Democrat Party. It really isn’t what it used to be, especially if it’s true that George Soros now guides and helps finance “the old gray mare.” It’s as though the party’s donkey was being run off a cliff.

Democrat leaders began doing some really stupid things, like disregarding federal laws and creating “sanctuaries” for MS-13 gang members and other illegals. The day before federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents planned to arrest nearly a thousand illegals in the San Francisco Bay area, the Democrat mayor of nearby Oakland warned them, on TV, to hide. Costly federal efforts by ICE agents to protect U.S. citizens against rapists and murderers are being wasted daily.

We once felt safe here. Now, voters can’t wait to throw Democrats out of office. Democrat leaders seem to be unaware that voters are catching on and are very unhappy.

Democrats ignore our Second Amendment rights and, I believe, want our guns confiscated. Gun confiscation regularly happens in communist-controlled countries.

We now need our guns more than ever, to protect ourselves, our homes and our families against government-sponsored criminal elements.

Perspectives change over time, as new realities become clear. Nowadays, nearly all Americans favor sound judgment, a booming economy and straightforward, intelligent leadership enforcing our laws. Democrats weren’t providing that, and they lost the presidency. That old “donkey” image of the Democrat Party no longer attracts voters like it used to. It deters them.

Now, Democrat leadership is inherently corrupt, and even controlled by outsiders. Polls show Americans are becoming more aware of illegal activities by Democrat leadership. There have been volumes of valid and mounting “hee-haw” evidence of actual “donkey leaders” lying. Most now know that Democrat leaders put out “fake news” and are known for misquoting our president, like after he legitimately called MS-13 gang members “animals.” Democrat leaders, and their lock-step media, tried telling us that he really said, “All immigrants are animals.” This was untrue, and done just to make our president look bad. That, for many Americans, has become the final straw.

It’s time for all Americans to join and “dump Democrats.” Democrats no longer meet minimum standards for a democracy. They seem to have descended to just one “plank” in their platform, the “Hate Trump plank.” The Republican Party, on the other hand, has hundreds of planks they’re actively working on, all meant to help the American people. Republican planks include border security, a booming economy, higher pay for all who work hard and support our laws, rebuilding infrastructure like bridges and highways and improving highway safety. Also, Republicans are negotiating many lucrative “America First” trade deals with dozens of foreign governments and allies. They’ve even begun winning over the North Koreans to destroy their nuclear arsenal and rockets that threaten world peace. Previous administrations failed to make any such improvements.

Democrat operatives now practice constant “obstructionism,” working against every American by slowing passage of most congressional bills, failing to fill vacancies in government positions and frustrating any progress by dragging their feet on everything the president and Republicans tried accomplishing for the American people. They slowed down an entire year of America’s progress and wasted many millions of taxpayer dollars by claiming the president colluded with Russians in his election. No known evidence exists.

Haven’t we Americans already put up with enough cheating and misinformation from Democrats? “The old gray mare” is ready for the bone yard.


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