From the comments: Drivers and cyclists debate bike safety in Toronto

Cyclists are photographed on the bike path along Queens Quay West in Toronto on Nov. 29, 2017.

Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail

From Cyclists and pedestrians are still being killed on the road − but change is coming, a column by Marcus Gee

All groups created the problem, all groups must solve it together. Drivers and cyclists (I am both, rarely a pedestrian) can do the most stupid and dangerous things while operating their vehicles. I see it multiple times every day. Cyclists know that physics will punish them far more than a motorist, regardless of who makes the mistake. This is a scientific fact, yet some act like they’re impervious to injury. Drivers know this, too, and some are willing to play with a cyclist’s health and life, while worrying about their car’s paint.

Much needs to be done to separate (dedicated lanes) and to combine (teaching proper bike riding) cars and bicycles. I hope that motorists realize that each cyclist replaces a car that they could be stuck behind. I hope that cyclists understand that each driver contributes much more than cyclists to tax revenues (drivers license, license plate, gas taxes, HST on all the repairs and maintenance and purchase price) that fund the roads and bike lanes they enjoy.A little empathy and compassion for another’s perspective will go a long, long way. If both groups moved-the-needle a tiny bit, everyone would be in a much better mood, and safer, too. - london-ontario

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In response to london-ontario:

I agree with most of what you’re saying, and wanted to add a bit of clarification about a common misconception: While regular drivers may contribute more to provincial revenues in the form of gas taxes and HST on car-related costs, it’s not the province that builds and maintains municipal infrastructure - that’s up to municipalities. The roads and bike lanes in Toronto are paid for primarily through property taxes, which are paid by drivers and cyclists (and homeowners and renters) alike. The province kicks in funds to maintain the 400-series highways, which are off-limits to cyclists. - app_64985417

I fully support efforts to get people to bike more, but what about doing what is done in Poland, where bike lanes are beside sidewalks, not roads?There are tons more cyclists in Poland, and it seems to work well. I don’t have the data, but I’d guess that there is a lot lower fatality rate for urban cyclists in Poland. - Sambo42

From, Cars vs. bicycles: the battle waged in bike lanes by Andrew Clark

As an avid cyclist myself; every day I see fellow cyclists that seem to have a death-wish. It’s like they feel that they can ride in the traffic lane and expect everyone to stop.These death-wish cyclists give a bad name to every other cyclist who wants to make bike lanes work. Bike lanes aren’t perfect, but we have to learn to, as the journalist stated above, ”follow the spirit of the rules” so everyone can be safe. - Mikeyburl

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Bikes are ok for a small portion of the population that is young, healthy and have time to waste getting sweaty on the way to work. - TDWfromTPM

In response to TDWfromTPM:

I’m not young, I don’t sweat when I bike to or from work, and biking is faster for my commute than both transit and driving. This January, I started biking through the winter and abandoned my belief that a bit of snow on the road was a huge risk. The reason? I saw my 80 year old neighbour getting onto his bike on a snowy day and realized I had bought into a 1950′s era belief that the car is king. - GAR385

Readers are also talking about:

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From Freeland warns Trump’s tariffs are part of international assault on global order, by Adrian Morrow

The partisanship in this board is over the top. Freeland isn’t giving China a free pass. She’s saying that everyone must stick by the trade agreements they sign: e.g., no “national security” pretexts vis-a-vis Canada (U.S.), no dumping of steel (China), etc. She’s also saying that powers like China and the U.S. should consider the consequences of running roughshod over other countries. There are advantages to cooperation and alliances. Freeland didn’t nominate herself for the award she received today. Foreign Policy Group is a U.S. entity. - Kate2888

While I applaud Ms Freeland’s apparently gutsy dealings with the Trump administration, I’m afraid ‘threats to globalization’ aren’t what keep me awake at night. Relentless globalization and its economies are actually a big problem in a lot of ways, and some curb on them is not a bad idea. Nationalism - pride in one’s nation is what that used to mean, not fascism, which is an extreme - is not reprehensible either, though it has been made to sound like it. - Gizella

Defend Canada, but please don’t defend the international order. Canada is fair but China isn’t, the EU are not. The stupid thing about Trump’s comments and his tariffs is that Canada really isn’t the issue, despite our own issues with supply management tariffs. Americans are correct to be angry with the trade relationship with China, which cheats and the EU which has used American military security for years but is unfair on trade with America. Mexico is also a problem. Canada generally is not - jjfoxy

Canada is fortunate to have such a Foreign Minister. The security of a viable, rule-based international world order and of a secure place in that order for democratic middle powers like Canada depend on steadfast but moderate and highly intelligent voices like she gives to Canada in this time of great challenge. - bob adamson

From: Republican Senators vow to renew push against tariffs by Adrian Morrow and Greg Keenan

Well done Ms. Freeland. Keep fighting the good fight on behalf of all Canadians. - Pelk

“Fear of angering the president”. And there we have it. The USA is now officially a dictatorship. Hats off to president Putin. Well played sir. - ZayWhat

While it is true that Trump is an arrogant loudmouth, I’m not sure he’s actually done anything that goes against the short term interests of his base of supporters. My guess is that this drags out until the midterm elections since the impact of the tariffs will not be felt immediately. Then he’ll give up. Likely by announcing that Weak Justin has given in.On NAFTA Canada just needs to hold firm. I can’t see that “the great negotiator” is going to fail to make a deal. That will not look good for him and, of course, it’s all about him. - JWM0

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