All About The Armor! The Invincible Armors Of Iron Man By PopChartLab

The creative minds at PopChartLab have put together some of our favorite pieces of wall art. We’ve gotten familiar with their unique designs through the years, and recently they have been serving up some exceptional designs influenced by Marvel. Today PopChartLab is back with their latest in collaboration with Marvel Comics, ‘The Invincible Armors Of Iron Man.’

This stunning new posted finds a collection of nearly every Stark-made model ever worn by the armored avenger. The piece also finds each suit annotated with its debut issue and multiverse of origin. The suits cover 55 years’ worth of comics, running from the cave-crafted Mark I to the “Bleeding Edge” armor seen in the Infinity War movie. Yes, the heavy-duty Hulk-, Panther-, and Captain Marvel-Buster specialist suits are included as well, even the James Rhodes’ War Machine, Peter Parker’s Iron Spider, and Riri Williams’ Ironheart armors.

The print is so comprehensive that there’s one armor we’re not even allowed to unveil yet. Check out the eye-catching new poster in the images below and give us your thoughts in the comments below. Head over to PopChartLab to get yours today!


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